The Counselor

It’s a massive change in direction for director Ridley Scott, but not wholly unexpected,  moving from the fan dividing space saga Prometheus to the very earthbound drama The Counselor. The film tells the tale of a Lawyer (Michael Fassbender) as he gets in way over his head as he becomes involved in drug trafficking. Starring alongside we have a stellar cast including Brad Pitt, Javier Bardem, Cameron Diaz and one of moviescramble’s favourites Penelope Cruz.

The film marks the first time that an original screen play by Cormac McCarthy has been brought to the screen. Given Ridley Scott’s track record of producing interesting and very watchable (in my opinion) films over a range of genres, The Counselor looks like an interesting proposition.

The film hits the big screen on 25th October in the US and 14th November in the UK


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